TwistedPixel Visualization for Windows Media Player

TwistedPixel Visualization for Windows Media Player 2.0

Renders 3D visualizations in accordance to the song currently playing
Plug-in for Windows Media Player creating flowing 3D images that are synchronized with the rhythm of the song you're currently listening to. Embeds over one hundred visualization presets.

TwistedPixel is a visualization plugin for Windows Media Player that uses the system's graphics card to produce stunning 3D visualizations. On the software front, it uses Microsoft's Direct3D to produce flowing images in reaction to music. The visualization is very well synchronized with the beats. There are around 100+ presets that come pre installed with this plugin, in fact, you can also write a preset of your own very easily. The visualization is very similar to the Milkdrop visualization plugin present in Winamp. This version of TwistedPixel now has direct support for Milkdrop files and presets. You can also customize it using a number of settings available. While the visualization is running you can change different aspects of the visualization using a number of keyboard shortcuts. This version provides a better transition between the presets with a much improved beat detection. It also has a better support for motion vectors. It shows the song title with a little animation. It is a nice plugin to have.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Free
  • Supports Winamp Milkdrop files
  • Nice customization Option


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